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Environmental Awareness and Consumer Spending Profile
EOWS sincerely appreciates your assistance in helping us with this questionnaire.



MeteredFlat Rate

HighlySomewhatNot at All




AboveBelowAbout Average

AboveBelowAbout Average

 Mirage Method™ Sink Filter  Oasis Master™ Whole House System 5 years
 Mirage Method™ Shower Filter  Oasis Master™ Whole House system 7 year
 Oasis Master™ Whole House system 3 Year


Understand that this is money that you are already spending.  So why not re-invest your money into a happier, and healthier approach to your life?  Contact your local Eternal Oasis Water Representative at 919-282-8746 for a custom filtration solution assessment, and estimate.

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